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GLLU X SHANDOR - Limited edition

Charlie is the meeting of our two universes: the softness and poetry of wood and the colorful and graphic fabrics of Shandor .

The Charlie light fixture is a night light, accent lamp and shelf where our little ones can place their precious treasures: figurines, stuffed animals, books, etc.
The soft light mixed with the colorful and graphic patterns of Shandor transport us to three joyful kingdoms: that of ice cream, spaghetti and the jungle.

Modular, you can fix it in both directions and move the lampshade to play with the pattern.

Charlie is sold with the lampshade of your choice from 3 designs: Sorbet, Spaghetti and Jungle.

The Charlies are produced in small series.
The wooden shelves are made in Normandy by us.
The lampshades are printed then assembled by an ESAT near Lyon.

The manufacturing process is accessible on our Instagram: gllu._

Oiled Norman chestnut
+ 1 lampshade in polyester fabric printed with a pattern designed by Shandor

50 x 31 x 2 cm
Lampshade: ø 30 cm

+ Screws and dowels are provided for fixing the Charlie luminaire
+ A cord kit with E14 socket

E14 LED bulb not included
25W recommended for a subdued atmosphere

Limited edition of 45 copies: 15 copies per pattern

1) Position your shelf in the desired location, draw a mark on the wall to the left of the shelf and mark your drilling point 3 cm to the right of this mark.
You have the location of your first drilling.

2) From this first point, locate the second drilling at 41 cm. Make sure that the 2 marks are well aligned and level using a spirit or laser level. You can also check by positioning the Charlie underneath.

3) On your placo, concrete or brick wall, drill holes 6 mm in diameter and 5 cm deep. Insert the dowels using the hammer then position the screws so as to leave a space of 6 mm between the screw head and the wall.

4) Position the shelf on the screws. You can install it in either direction. Then drag it to the right or left. If the shelves are not held well or are too hard to slide, tighten or loosen the screw to have the optimal space between the screw head and the wall.

To remove the Charlie, proceed in reverse.

5) Install the socket through the hole then screw in the bulb. And plug in!

Both Normans, we quickly met and became friends with Camille de Shandor.

Our meetings quickly gave rise to the desire to mix our world with his.

Shandor is a creative studio that stands out for its colorful and graphic style. Inspired by art and colors, Camille presents her designs on various supports carefully printed in France: cushions, posters, hangings...
She also works on tailor-made projects for professionals: magnificent wall decorations, textile design or illustration (Balzac, Bensimon, Médecins Sans Frontières...).

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