Retrouvez nos pièces Imparfaites à petits prix, à partir de dimanche 23 juin 9h.

Retrouvez nos pièces Imparfaites à petits prix, à partir de dimanche 23 juin 9h.

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Parfaitement Imparfaits

Dans cette catégorie, vous découvrirez nos articles imparfaits.

Lors de la fabrication, nous mettons un point d'honneur à sortir des pièces le plus irréprochables. Nous effectuons un contrôle de qualité rigoureux et strict. Certaines pièces peuvent présenter de légères imperfections telles que des éclats, des impacts, des traces, un veinage particulier... C'est pourquoi nous avons décidé de mettre ces pièces de côté, les écartant de la vente.

Parce que ces petits défauts n'affectent en rien la qualité et la fonctionnalité de l'objet, nous avons décidé de leur offrir une seconde vie et de vous les proposer à un prix abordable.

frequently asked Questions

What is an “Imperfect” product?

During manufacturing, some parts may have defects. This is why we prefer to put aside these products and exclude them from sale, because they are slightly outside our quality standards.

Since imperfections do not affect the functionality of the product, we decided to give them another chance and offer them to you at affordable prices.

What products will I find in the “Imparfaits”?

For this first edition, only 6 products are available: the Méga-poses small model, the Méga-poses medium model, the Méga-poses large model, the Green Woodpecker, the Flicker Woodpecker and the Imperial Woodpecker.

What are the faults of the “Imperfects”?

We have sorted the Imperfects into 3 categories: Knots, Damaged and Color Defects.

The knots in the wood are the start of a growing branch. These do not detract from the quality of the piece. They can be small or larger. In the latter case, we fill them with wood filler.

During manufacturing, certain parts may suffer shocks and be damaged : chips in the machine, excessive sanding, poorly wiped oil, a small fall in the workshop (oops).

Cutting the wood creates patterns on the surface. The closer the slicing is to the heart of the tree, the more straight the veining is and the more the cutting is on the ends, the more the veins are flamed or even striped.

Color defects (green, yellow or pink tones) can be explained by the climate or the environment in which the wood grows. We particularly noticed that it was mainly towards the root, depending on whether the wood grows in swamps or very humid soils, the color of the wood can vary.

Can I know in advance the fault of my “Imperfait”?

The defects of “Imparfaits” are specified on each product sheet. You can choose the category of defects among Knots, Damaged and Color Defects. Prices vary depending on the category.

Also, you can find photos of examples of defects you might come across, to get an idea.

Will there be imperfect Super-Pose shelves in the future?

We do not intend to offer our Super-poses among the Imperfects.
For the simple reason is that if the wood is damaged, we prefer to use our brass on a decent piece of wood.

In this case, we offer our Super-pose scraps to our partners to make firewood.

Can I return an “Imperfect” product if I don’t like it?

If you don't like the product as is, you can return it to us.

Our return policy for Imparfaits is identical to our permanent collection. Please note that return costs are your responsibility. You can send us your return to the following address:
Found Objects / Glu
40 rue de la Clérette
76770 Malaunay

What are the delivery times for “Imparfaits”?

They are identical to the permanent collection.

Delivery time is approximately 3-7 days depending on the delivery destination. The deadlines indicated are indicative deadlines, corresponding to the average processing and delivery times.

Will there be new stock soon?

We have put all of our “Imparfaits” on sale online.
These are pieces that we have been accumulating for several years. We do our best, when cutting the wood, to avoid knots and unsightly portions in order to reduce waste of materials.

We have no visibility on the next sale of “Imparfaits”.