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Décorer une chambre avec des marques francaises

The decoration of our living space plays a crucial role in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. To give your bedroom an atmosphere that is both intimate and elegant, the use of natural materials and French artisanal decorations can be the key to a successful transformation. Here are some tips for decorating your bedroom with charm and authenticity.

Focus on natural materials

Choosing natural materials such as wood, linen and cotton promotes a warm atmosphere in the room. These materials not only offer a pleasant aesthetic, but also a comfortable feel that helps create a welcoming and calming atmosphere.

A few touches in these materials will immediately give an impression of elegance, provided they are of good quality.
The wooden pieces embody this perfectly. Their natural texture and simple lines add a touch of character to your room, giving it both an authentic and sophisticated look. Opting for French wood pieces can also evoke a feeling of durability and artisanal quality, reinforcing the timeless character of your decoration.

Regarding colors, favor warm shades such as blond woods (oak or chestnut) or honey tones. These natural colors bring a soft and comforting brightness, creating a friendly and inviting atmosphere. They can also coordinate with a variety of decorative styles, providing flexibility in designing your space.

In summary, by opting for natural materials, combined with wooden furniture and warm tones, you create a base rich in texture and character for your bedroom, where comfort and aesthetics combine to perfection.

Choose your paint wisely

When it comes to dressing up bedroom walls, paint is an ideal choice. Compared to tapestry or wallpaper, it is considered healthier because it does not promote the proliferation of mites and does not require the use of glue. In addition, painting offers the possibility of personalizing your decoration according to your tastes and preferences.

Monitor composition

Among the variety of paints available on the market, those recommended for a bedroom are mainly water-based paints, also known as "water-based paints". To opt for even healthier bedroom paint, choose those bearing the NF Environnement label or the European ecolabel. These certifications guarantee the absence of heavy metals such as mercury, arsenic or lead in the products. Certified natural paints are therefore particularly suitable for a bedroom. Although for a long time their range of colors could be slightly limited, today we know many ecological and even French brands with well-stocked catalogs.

We recommend the very nice Blime , Bilboquet , Maison Janette and Ressource .

Opt for special bedroom paints

Increasingly, there are paints with specific properties offering various functionalities. These include noise-reducing paints, designed to dampen shrill sounds such as sirens, alarms, bells or noises emitted by household appliances, making them ideal for apartment living spaces. Furthermore, anti-pollution paints are gaining popularity in bedrooms by absorbing formaldehydes, present in certain industrial glues and cigarette smoke, the latter being volatile compounds known to be carcinogenic.

In the bedroom area, we also find insulating paints which play a crucial role in maintaining the temperature of the walls by capturing heat from the surrounding air. This feature helps alleviate condensation, creating a more comfortable environment.

Choose color and finish

Before you choose from paints for your bedroom, take some time to think about the finish you want to achieve. In general, satin finishes, which impart a slight sheen, are often reserved for children's rooms, as they provide luminosity and shine, but also reveal the slightest imperfections on the walls. For an adult bedroom, the trend leans more towards a matte finish, creating a sober and soothing atmosphere. Matte paint has the advantage of reducing reflections, hiding irregularities in the walls and ceiling, as well as small drips that may occur during application. Although not washable, matte finish paint is ideal for rooms with low traffic, such as bedrooms.

When it comes to colors, we have fun while ensuring we create a soothing space conducive to rest. Thus, we avoid too dynamic shades such as red, orange and bright yellow. Instead, opt for soft colors that harmonize with your furniture and decorative objects. The palette of shades of blue, for example, can create a calm and serene atmosphere, making this color an ideal choice for a bedroom conducive to relaxation. Green, in shades such as sea green or almond green, can also create a calming atmosphere, while natural shades like linen, terracotta or beige will contribute to well-being in the bedroom, providing a classic and timeless style.

Put together your bed set


Invest in sheets made from linen or organic cotton. Noble fabrics for a pleasant feeling to the touch. Linen sheets, known for their breathability and soft feel, or organic cotton, grown without the use of pesticides, are preferred options for a good night's sleep.

Colors and patterns

Play with colors and contrasts by combining pastel tones with darker shades and having fun with geometric, floral or abstract patterns.


Build up the layers with a blanket or a bed throw. These pieces will warm up the atmosphere of the room, especially in colorful versions which will bring a bright touch to a plain duvet.

Accumulation of cushions

Don’t skimp on overdoing it by adding bolsters or cushions. Generous and comforting, they invite you to melt into bed.


Finally, don't underestimate the importance of linens. A vibrant color allows this airy linen to bring its charm to your bedroom. Once you have put together your set, all you have to do is perfect its look, perhaps with a wooden headboard, the ultimate piece of chic.

This way, you can transform your bed throughout the seasons, creating a composition that is always renewed and captivating.

Like French paintings, superb French brands make bedding sets with trendy patterns, elegant colors and the softest touch.
We are thinking in particular of the brands: Les Pensionnaires , Gabrielle Paris , Bonsoirs and À Demain .

Purify the decoration

Our watchword: choose quality over quantity!
To avoid visual overload in the bedroom, choose a few pieces rather than many accessories. A simple and effective way to highlight each element while contributing to overall harmony.

When you combine natural materials with French craftsmanship, you have the opportunity to transform your bedroom into a warm and personalized refuge. Each element, chosen with care, plays a role in designing an atmosphere that reflects your individual style and your commitment to authenticity. Take the time you need to choose pieces that inspire you and tell a story, for a bedroom that exudes French charm and natural comfort.

Every detail becomes an expression of your personality, your preferences and your personal story. Whether through the choice of natural materials, French craftsmanship or pieces that tell a particular story, each element contributes to the uniqueness of your refuge. Ultimately, this meticulous approach transforms your bedroom into more than just a functional space, into a place full of character, aesthetics and a warm atmosphere.

Shop our 100% French decoration selection

Mega-pose module shelves – Gllu
Firmin bedside shelves – Glulu
Morning View Painting – Blime
Glaise pink plain linen bed set – Gabrielle

Black/Milk gray striped linen bedding set –Gabrielle
A3 Illustrations – Nouck Studio
Illustration A4 – The Indigo Eye
Mediterranea Terracotta ceramic soliflore – Oustao

Mediterranea Terracotta ceramic vase (equivalent) – Oustao

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