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XPOT 4 pots

Large model - 200 cm - 4 pots

Xpot is a simple and aesthetic system of posts that allows you to add a plant touch to your interior.

Dress up your walls with this support that holds potted plants simply and safely. Plants can be placed on the walls, a space that is not yet used for this purpose, without taking up space on the furniture.

Get a plant surface, by composing your Xpot system with the different sizes of posts (2 to 4 pots) and Xpot shelves.

They are manufactured and assembled in the Jura by carpenters.


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support shelf plants wall wood pots

Vegetating your walls
in all simplicity

To arrange your plants in pots on the walls, in a simple and playful way, we couldn't do better! To put your aromatic plants in the kitchen, to decorate an empty wall near the window... System 100% validated by Baptiste and Mélissa who have some in their kitchen, since years.

The fixing is done simply with hidden holes at the level of the notches. In which you will only have to slide your pots. The notch is suitable for all horticultural pots (with rims) from 12 cm to 24 cm in diameter. You can also slide in the Xpot shelves, which can be used to place your gardening utensils or small decorations!




support shelf plants wall wood potsA French & artisanal manufacture

The Xpot is manufactured in the Jura.
Just like us, it is done with care by craftsmen. The solid oak comes from regional forests (in the Jura) and sustainably managed.
Compagnie takes care to work with local craftsmen and materials. We validate!

Our recommendations

You can create a customized green wall according to your space: by combining the different Xpot and by playing on the heights. Horticultural pots are generally pierced at the base. We advise you to put a cork in the lowest pot to prevent it from dripping. As for the upper pots, you can leave them as they are. The water will gently flow on the plant below and water it!

Weight 2.5 kg

Technical data


- Manufacturing:

The company works with local artisans and manufactures with local materials. The Xpot are made in France, in the Jura. The solid oak comes from the region and from sustainably managed forests.

- Materials :
Jura solid oak from sustainably managed forests
+ colorless satin varnish

- Dimensions:
200 x 4.5 x 2.7 cm

- Installation tips:

Position your shelf on the wall using a level. Mark the holes with a pen. Drill 6 mm-diameter, 4 cm-deep holes at the holes in the shelf. Insert dowels. Reposition the shelf and screw the screws into the dowels.

Thanks to a simple system of notches, the pots fit into the upright: they are not fixed, you can handle them easily.

This wall bracket is suitable for all horticultural pots (with rim), in terracotta or glazed, with a diameter between 12 and 24 cm. You can find all these pots in garden centers.

Pots and plants not included.
+ Screws and plugs are provided for fixing the Xpot.



Suitable for indoor use only.