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Valet - 3 heights: 100 cm, 140 cm and 180 cm

When our clothes become an integral part of our decor!
We've rethought the traditional valet into a minimalist, modern version. A very airy aesthetic to blend in with the decor and take up as little space as possible!
Lay out your favorite dressing room pieces, your outfit for the next day, your laundry "already put on but not dirty enough to wash" 😉

Available in 3 heights: 100 cm perfect for kids, 140 cm perfect for shirts, jackets, pants and 180 cm for dresses or long coats.

Valets are produced in small batches.
We manufacture, assemble and store them in Normandy.

The manufacturing process is available on our Instagram: gllu._

150.00 - 220.00

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minimalist wooden clothing made in France gllu

The valet revisited

Exposure is in!
Closets are revealing themselves to create a sophisticated setting in our bedrooms, dressing rooms or entrances... Imposing dressers and chests of drawers are giving way to simpler, more minimalist and airy elements.
This is how our Bontemps collection was conceived.

As well as giving you a feeling of space, this type of storage allows you to see clearly and stop wasting time with your head in your closets. Store your favorite pieces, your next day's outfit, the few clothes lying around on a chair or the floor...


Weight 1 kg

Technical data


- Materials :
Normandy chestnut oiled

- Dimensions :
Small model: 30 x 2.8 x 100 cm
Medium: 30 x 2.8 x 140 cm
Large model: 30 x 2.8 x 180 cm

+ Screws and plugs are supplied for fixing the Valet.

Installation tips:

Position the valet on the wall using a level. Mark the holes with a pen. Drill 6 mm-diameter, 4 cm-deep holes at the valet holes. Insert dowels. Reposition the valet and screw the screws into the dowels.