Beautiful and colorful, dried flowers are no longer reserved for our grandmothers' shelves. TheHirondelle will be the support of your compositions.
It is made according to a traditional system, called "dovetail" or "tail ofhirondelle", which we have revisited in order to create a blocking principle. With us, the swallows make the spring by bringing a flowery touch to your interior!
The swallows are sold in their individual pouch, the illustration of the pouch was made by Mamie Motel.

Also available in flowered version.

We also like to slip in the paper flowers of Diane Cornu or the metal foliage of Delphine Plisson.

The Swallows are produced in small series.
They are manufactured, assembled and stored in Normandy by our care.

The manufacturing process is available on our Instagram: gllu._

26.00 - 46.00

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- Materials :
Norman chestnut, oiled
- Dimensions :
12 x 4 x 3 cm

+ Brass and black steel nails are provided for attaching the soliflore Hirondelle.

Installation tips:

Select a plaster or wood wall to hang your soliflore on.
Don't panic if the top part slips when the flowers are not stuck to it! It is quite normal, it will hold with the flowers.


TheHirondelle does not require any particular maintenance.

Weight 0.2 kg