Le Petit

Closet hanger

Le Petit has been designed for closets or dressing rooms too narrow to accommodate a rod. With this hanging fixture, you can hang your shirts, jackets, sweaters... from the front!
Le Petit rests on the wall and on the shelf above.

Le Petit is produced in small batches.
We manufacture, assemble and store them in Normandy.

The manufacturing process is available on our Instagram: gllu._

Ships from early October


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- Materials :
Normandy chestnut oiled

- Dimensions :
2.8 x 26.8 x 20 cm

+ Screws and plugs are supplied for fixing the Petit.

Installation tips:

The Petit must be placed under a shelf.

1) Position the Petit on the wall using a level, so that the top of the Petit is flush with the underside of the shelf. Mark the holes with a pen.

2) Drill 6 mm-diameter, 4 cm-deep holes in the wall at the hole locations. Then insert the wall plugs.

4) Secure the Petit to the wall using the screws.


Weight 0.28 kg