Freyja is a goddess of the Nordic mythology with multiple powers, those of the Light, the Fertility or the Love.

It embodies all the facets of our candlestick and soliflore: this object is transformed with the seasons and your desires by hosting candles, fresh flowers or dried flowers.

Initially, Freyja was imagined to display the candles of our neighbor, Marie-Claude des Lumignons.

Freyja is sold alone, with a candle in the color of your choice or a glass tube to hold fresh flowers.

About the collaboration:

Marie-Claude is one of our neighbors at Kaleidoscope, where our workshop is located.
When we discovered her work, the desire to collaborate together quickly appeared!
So we took advantage of being confined to our own studio to imagine this piece together.

We particularly appreciate Marie-Claude's work for its know-how and quality. She takes care to use only quality products: 99% pure kerosene, pure cotton wicks, natural pigments and no perfume.

For the occasion, we gave ourselves the name "Gllu-mignons"!

45.00 - 48.00

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- Materials :
Norman chestnut, oiled
- Dimensions :
10 x 7.5 x 3 cm

Directions for use:

It fits standard size candles (2.2 cm diameter).
Avoid handling the brass part, as this could leave marks. If necessary, wear gloves or use a cloth.


If brass oxidizes, clean with white vinegar or toothpaste.


Marie-Claude makes her candles by hand from 99% pure kerosene and pure cotton wick.
They are soaked and then dyed with natural pigments. Each candle is unique and measures approximately 2.2 cm in diameter.

Never leave a candle burning unattended.
Burn your candle out of reach of children and animals.
Always leave 15 cm between two burning candles.
Never light your candle near flammable objects.

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