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Frequently asked questions


Where does the name gllu come from?

And no, our little name doesn't come from nowhere! It's from the Norman dialect.
gllu means the rye straw used on thatched cottages.

Where are the products made?

All our creations are imagined and manufactured in our workshop, in Malaunay near Rouen.
A workshop located in an old Norman dye factory!

Where does the wood used come from?

We are lucky to have a sawmill less than 20km from our workshop. And more precisely in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, at Normandie Bois.

That's where we have been getting our supplies since the beginning.
We buy our oak and chestnut logs there, which come exclusively from the surrounding forests.
And their stock is huge, a real pleasure for wood lovers!


How to fix the Super-poses and the Swallows?

Our shelves and wall lights are designed to be very easy to install. They are fixed with small brass nails, which we provide.
A hammer and a spirit level (or mobile) will do!

Can I attach the Super-poses and the Swallows to a concrete wall?

Our shelves and our wall light were designed for plasterboard walls.
But you can also fix them to a concrete wall with adhesive fasteners. We recommend the brand Command.

For a more aesthetic finish, we recommend that you cut the small nails (supplied) in half, using pliers, and insert them into the pre-drilled holes in the shelf or soliflore.

How to install theHirondelle ?

Our soliflore Hirondelle is thought as a blocking system. The sliding part blocks the flowers against the fixed part. We recommend to fix the fixed part first, then to put the flowers and the sliding part.

Don't panic if the top part slips when the flowers are not stuck in it! It is quite normal, it will hold with the flowers.

How much weight do the Mega-Position and Firmin shelves hold?

The Mega-Position shelves can support frames, small objects, magazines. We recommend not to put too heavy objects (ex: a large vase filled with water) on the modules. This could pull on the fasteners.

Firmin shelves are wider so can support more weight, you can put many books, bedside lamps, vases, plants, etc.

Can I put magazines on the shelves Super-poses ?

They can handle small magazines, but traditional sizes may be too large, tilt and weigh down the brass bar.

For magazine racks, we recommend the the Mega-Stand model 😉

The brass bar of my Super-poses to oxidize, what to do?

This can happen, handling the brass rod with bare hands can cause oxidation. Some people oxidize more than others.
It's not a big deal at all, since it's solid brass, you can clean it easily. The best way is to use a small cloth soaked in white vinegar. It should be shiny and streak-free again.

I lost the hardware on my shelves, what can I do?

Send us a little message, we'll send you a new one!

I am moving, can I remove and reinstall your shelves?

Yes, no problem!
For the Super-poses, you just have to pull gently at the nails and the shelf comes off. For the Super-poses 80cm, we recommend that you do it with two people, so that it doesn't break.

For the Mega-Plugs and Firmin, you can uninstall them without any problem and recover the screws.
Then, contact us so that we can send you new pegs.


How do I buy a gift card?

We offer you a card to give as a gift, on our e-shop.
You can choose from the following amounts: €30, €50, €80 and €100.

The card is dematerialized and will be sent directly to the recipient's e-mail address, or to yours if you wish to offer it later.
A unique code will be created and mentioned in the e-mail so that the beneficiary can use it throughout our site, within 1 year 🙂

How to use the Gllu gift card

When validating the basket, the gift card code can be entered at the top of the page, in the box below:



How quickly will I be delivered?

Orders are prepared and shipped within 24 to 48 hours. Count between 3 to 5 days of delay, from the validation of the order.

How quickly will I be delivered?

Orders are prepared and shipped within 24 to 48 hours. Count between 3 to 5 days of delay, from the validation of the order.

Do you offer free delivery on purchases over a certain amount?

Yes, we offer delivery by Mondial Relay and Colissimo in mainland France for orders over €150 (excluding tables).

Can I combine several orders to save on delivery costs?

Our orders are launched for preparation Monday to Friday, from 8am.
If we see several orders for the same name and address, we may ask to merge your order and refund you the delivery costs partially or totally, if we are on time.

The merger is not automatic.

Can we come and buy the products directly at your workshop?

In principle, the workshop is not open to the public. But you are more than welcome to stop by and take a look at the workshop and see the products in person!
For that, send us a little message so we can plan it 😉

Can we find you in store?

We are resold in many partner stores.
You can find all the addresses in the tab "Points of sale".

Our retailers don't have our entire collection, feel free to send them a quick message to be sure of their stock 🙂

I live abroad, can I have my order delivered?

No problem! We deliver anywhere in the world.
However, if the destination does not seem to be recognized, when you place your order, send us a little message. We'll sort it out very quickly!

How do I track my order?

An automatic e-mail from the chosen carrier is sent to you when your package is dispatched. You'll find the parcel number so you can track its progress.

If you do not receive a follow-up e-mail, please send us a message to equipe@gllu.fr.

What should I do if my item is damaged on delivery?

Don't panic 😉
Send us an e-mail with photos of the damaged item AND its packaging to equipe@gllu.fr. After examining the file, we can proceed with a refund or return, depending on your wishes.

Don't hesitate to make a complaint to the carrier or even open your parcel in front of the deliveryman, if the packaging is damaged 🙂


How can I return a product?

Products must be returned to Gllu at the following address:
Objets Trouvé / Gllu
40 rue de la Clérette
76770 Malaunay

They must be returned in their original packaging, properly protected. They must be in perfect condition for resale. Any product returned incomplete, damaged, washed, damaged, soiled, even partially, will not be reimbursed or exchanged.

The customer is responsible for return shipping costs.

How long do I have to return an item?

You have 14 days from the date of delivery to return your parcel.

What are the return shipping costs, if any?

Return shipping costs vary according to the weight of the package: between €5 and €10.
We strongly recommend that you use Colissimo and send the tracking number to equipe@gllu.fr.

How can I track the status of my return?

As soon as we receive your parcel in our workshop, we will process your refund.

We strongly recommend that you use Colissimo and send us the tracking number of the parcel to equipe@gllu.fr, so that we can follow its progress.

Can I exchange an item?

No. If you want another item instead of your purchase, you must return it and place a new order.

How do I get a return label?

We strongly recommend that you use Colissimo for your return.

Go to the La Poste Colissimo website (or the national postal service, if you're abroad), enter the weight and your delivery method and generate a delivery note.

There was an error in the preparation of my order. How do I return the products?

We're sorry to hear about the occasional error during order preparation.
If this happens to you, don't panic!
Send us an e-mail to équipe@gllu.fr to notify us of the error. We'll send you a returns slip and send you the right item (free of charge) once we've studied your case.




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